Our Mission

We offer a full service concession, ranging from breakfast burritos, sausage wraps, grilled cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, frito pies, nachos, smoothies, fruit cups, and assortments of candies and drinks.

Our Team


Advertising and Sponsorships

Our space is huge even for Texas!  We have 60,000 sq/ft of space!  8 Individual Regulation sized Basketball/Volleyball Courts.  We also have two large meeting/party rooms, and a large concessions area.


Our Mission is Simple:
Provide you Indoor Space for whatever Event you have Planned


In West Texas outdoor events are beautiful....Most of the time.....  When you need to get out of the Cold, Heat, or sometimes Wind, we have the space and amenities for any size of event you want to have!

Why Use Us

Advertise your business or organization in our 60,000 sq/ft facility that will be seen by thousands!  More than 50,000 people come through our building each year.  Your advertisements can be placed where thousands sit and watch numerous events!

Connie Vargas

Facility Director